Wolfgang Strasser

Eurographics Honorary Fellowship

Forever Young!

Wolfgang Strasser was born in Metzingen near Stuttgart on August 10, 1941. He studied electrical engineering and communications at TU Berlin and received his diploma in 1969. He subsequently became a researcher at Wolfgang Giloi's group at TU Berlin and completed his PhD work with a thesis titled ''Schnelle Kurven- und Flächendarstellung auf graphischen Sichtgeräten'' in 1974.

Wolfgang's thesis contains a number of lasting contributions to the field, including algorithms for the fast display of curved surfaces, in particular B-splines, a detailed treatment of anti-aliasing, and, perhaps most remarkable, the first description of the z-buffer algorithm.

Following completion of his PhD he chaired the imaging group at Heinrich Hertz Institute in Berlin and in 1978 accepted an offer for a faculty position at the Technical University of Darmstadt. In 1986 he moved on to the University of Tübingen as a full professor and founding chair of the newly established Wilhelm Schickard Institut für Informatik which served as an incubator for the newly established Computer Science Department. Wolfgang Strasser put Tübingen on the map as an international center for computer graphics research and established an excellent research environment for young people. He managed to attract talented young people from mathematics, physics and computer science alike, and through Wolfgang's mentoring and guidance, several of his former PhD students and postdocs have been able to leave their own mark and have meanwhile achieved faculty status of their own.

Whenever Wolfgang and one of his former students meet, some sort of friendly competition is likely to arise in such diverse areas as horse riding, canoeing, ocean swimming, skiing or beer drinking, and chances are that Wolfgang will come out on top of this. He just refuses to get any older.

Over the years, Wolfgang and his group have managed to publish on the highest level in the best journals and conferences, and the scope of his achievements and research accomplishments ranges from graphics systems design and graphics hardware (which was the core area of his research upon entering the field) to visualization, geometric modeling, physically based modeling, and rendering. He has given tutorials at EG conferences, Siggraph and many other places, and he has chaired many conferences and workshops.

In 1986 Wolfgang Strasser started the highly successful EG/Siggraph Graphics Hardware Workshop series and turned it into the premier event in its area in the world.

In recognition for his contributions to computer graphics Wolfgang Strasser became a Eurographics Fellow in 1991, and he received an honorary doctoral degree from the Technical University of Darmstadt in 2000.

Wolfgang Strasser is turning 68 this year and is now stepping down, but he will continue to interact with the field and likely keep challenging some of us along the lines above for several years to come - forever young!

For his contributions to computer graphics, his impact on the field, and his leadership role, the Executive Committee bestow upon Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr.-Ing. E.h. Wolfgang Strasser, in this his 68th year, an Honorary Fellowship of the Association.