During the Annual Conference EUROGRAPHICS'2015 in Zurich, Switzerland, three new Fellows of the Association were elected by the Executive Committee.

Jean-Michel Dischler, University of Strasbourg, France
Enrico Gobbetti, CRS4, Pula, Italy
Olga Sorkine-Hornung, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

All have significantly contributed to the development of Computer Graphics and to the Eurographics Association.

The full text of the announcement will soon be available here.

General Assembly Meeting Agenda

36th Eurographics General Assembly  Minutes

Thursday 7th May 2015 at 17.40 during Eurographics 2015


  1. Matters arising
  2. Minutes of the previous meeting
  3. Chairman's Report  
  4. Presentation and Approval of Accounts for 2014
  5. Appointment of Auditors for 2016
  6. Budget & Forward Look 2016 -
  7. Membership Fees 2016 -
  8. Executive Committee Elections
  9. Executive Board 2015 and Ratification
  10. Future Conferences
  11. Date of Next Meeting
  12. Any Other Business

Chairman's Letter

Letter from the new EG chairman, Anders Ynnerman, to members of the association. 

Chairman's Letter April 2015

Chairman's Letter April 2015

Chairman’s letter April 2015

Dear Eurographics members,

As of January 1st 2015 I have taken up the post of chairman for Eurographics after Werner Purgathofer who has successfully chaired the association for the past two years. During these two years he has made invaluable contributions to the association and has been a true champion for increasing membership numbers.  On behalf of the whole association I would like to thank Werner Purgathofer for his outstanding work as chairman for the association and I would also like to thank him for his support and help in getting me up to speed on all the intricate details of the work of the Chairman of EG.

Changes to the Executive Committee and Officers of the Association

The result and the details of the Executive Committee election ballot for 2014 were reported on the EG web pages by our Secretary David Duce Sept. 6th 2014.  The elected candidates who commenced their three year terms of office on January 1st 2015 are:  Min Chen, Paulo Cignoni, Oliver Deussen, Dieter Fellner, Olga Sorkine-Hornung, Anna Vilanova and Brian Wyvill. Marie-Paule Cani is continuing as vice chairman  and Oliver Deussen has now been appointed second vice chairman.  I am very pleased to have such distinguished members of our association join/remain on the executive committee.

New Digital Library and Home Page

Over the past years the EG on-line presence has gone through significant changes and improvements. The homepage has a new design and improved content. The Digitial Library now operates on a new platform with significantly increased functionality. I would like to catch the opportunity to thank all of the people who have contributed to this important development; especially the Graz support team under the direction of Dieter Fellner and the on-line team at the Norrköping Visualization Center.

A Professional Association in a Changing World

In view of rapidly changing academic environments and traditions professional associations like Eurographics are facing challenges at the same time as new opportunities are emerging. The role of associations is thus changing, and in some aspects they are even more important than before, whereas in other aspects new actors and information channels are appearing.  I see it as a priority for the EG association to continue the successful existing activities, but also to identify and further develop the unique services that it can provide our community with and continue to make EG membership a natural and invaluable component in every graphics and visualization researcher’s portfolio of affiliations. In this process a most valuable resource is the input and contributions from existing, and potential, members of the association. I therefore hope to meet many of you at the upcoming Eurographics conference in Zurich and discuss the future of Eurographics.

I am deeply honored to be trusted with this very important role in the association and will do my best to serve the community during my two-year tenure. I am looking forward to contribute to the association in the spirit of previous chairs and members of the governing bodies of the organisation.


Anders Ynnerman
Eurographics Chairman 2015-2016

Digital Library

EG Digital Library is changing its platform

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