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About EG

“I’m really grateful to Eurographics. It is a unique, highly successful organization that very successfully has promoted the development of CG related activities towards true research fields and established academic disciplines — by offering over many years stable series of workshops / symposia with sustainable publication opportunities” (Hans-Christian Hege, 2016)

Eurographics is the only truly Europe-wide professional Computer Graphics association. The association supports its members in advancing the state of the art in Computer Graphics and related fields such as Multimedia, Scientific Visualization and Human Computer Interfaces. Through a world-wide membership, EG maintains close links with developments in the US, Japan and other countries, promoting the exchange of scientific and technical information and skills on a global scale.


Eurographics organises many different activities and services for its members, who include researchers, developers, educators and those who work in the computer graphics industry, both as users and providers of computer graphics hardware, software, and applications. The events and services of the Association are available to everyone. Note, however, that members of Eurographics are entitled to reductions on books, workshop and conference fees, and the services of associated or affiliated organizations, so you might want to look at additional information on the Association.


The Eurographics Annual Conference
This is the major annual computer graphics conference in Europe. It brings together graphics experts from around the world to describe the latest developments. It offers an ideal opportunity to find out what is happening and to meet the people behind the developments. There are also courses at both introductory and advanced levels for managers and technical staff, offering a cost-effective training mechanism for specialised subjects.

Next venues will be:
Eurographics 2025, 12th to 16th May, 2025, in London, UK

Previous events were:
Eurographics 2024, 22nd to 26th April, 2024, in Limassol, Cyprus
Eurographics 2023, 8th to 12th May, 2023, in Saarbrücken, Germany
Eurographics 2022, 25th to 29 April, 2022, in Reims, France (hybrid)
Eurographics 2021, 3rd to 7th May, 2021, in Vienna, Austria (online due to COVID-19)
Eurographics 2020, 25th to 29th May, 2020, in Norrköping, Sweden (online due to COVID-19)
Eurographics 2019, 6th to 10th May, 2019, in Genova, Italy,
Eurographics 2018, 16th to 20th April, 2018, in Delft, The Netherlands,
Eurographics 2017, 24th to 28th April, 2017, in Lyon, France,
Eurographics 2016, 9th to 13th May, 2016, in Lisbon, Portugal,
Eurographics 2015, 4th to 8th May, 2015, in Zürich, Switzerland,
Eurographics 2014, 7th to 11th April, 2014, in Strasbourg, France,
Eurographics 2013, 6th to 10th May, 2013, in Girona, Spain,
Eurographics 2012, 13th to 18th May, 2012, in Cagliari, Italy,
Eurographics 2011, 10th to 15th April, 2011, in Llandudno, UK,
Eurographics 2010, 3rd to 7th May, 2010, in Norrköping, Sweden,
Eurographics 2009, 30th March to 3rd April, 2009, in Munich, Germany,
Eurographics 2008, 14th to 18th April, 2008, in Crete, Greece,
Eurographics 2007
, 3rd to 7th September, 2007, in Prague, Czech Republic,
Eurographics 2006, 4th to 8th September, 2006, in Vienna, Austria, and
Eurographics 2005, 29th August to 2nd September, 2005, in Dublin, Ireland

Complete History of Annual Events: 1980 Geneva (CH), 1981 Darmstadt (D), 1982 Manchester (UK), 1983 Zagreb (YU), 1984 Copenhagen (DK), 1985 Nice (F), 1986 Lisbon (P), 1987 Amsterdam (NL), 1988 Nice (F), 1989 Hamburg (D), 1990 Montreux (CH), 1991 Vienna (A), 1992 Cambridge (UK), 1993 Barcelona (E), 1994 Oslo (N), 1995 Maastricht (NL), 1996 Poitiers (F), 1997 Budapest (H), 1998 Lisbon (P), 1999 Milano (I), 2000 Interlaken (CH), 2001 Manchester (UK), 2002 Saarbrücken (D), 2003 Granada (E), 2004 Grenoble (F), 2005 Dublin (IR), 2006 Vienna (A), 2007 Prague (CZ), 2008 Crete (GR), 2009 Munich (D), 2010 Norrköping (S), 2011 Llandudno (UK), 2012 Cagliari (I), 2013 Girona (E), 2014 Strasbourg (F), 2015 Zurich (CH), 2016 Lisbon (P), 2017 Lyon (F), 2018 Delft (NL), 2019 Genova (I), 2020 Norrköping (S) [online], 2021 Vienna (A) [online], 2022 Reims (F) [hybrid], 2023 Saarbrücken (D), 2024 Limassol (CY)

Workshops and Working Groups
Eurographics organises workshops to bring together those working in specific areas. Eurographics has a number of working groups, which promotes cooperation among researchers in the same field.

Eurographics has a varied publication activity. It publishes, among others:

  • Computer Graphics Forum: A quarterly journal that has become a respected and authoritative source of information, stocked by many libraries, and is received automatically by EG members.
  • Books series: Members of Eurographics can purchase a selection of the proceedings of the Workshop Programme.
  • Eurographics Publication Series: Eurographics members are also entitled also to discounts on purchases through the Eurographics website.

The constitution of the new Dutch organization is available in Dutch and English. The rules of procedure from April 28, 2021 are available here.

Until complete transfer to the Dutch organization, the previous Association is registered with the Registre du Commerce in Geneva, Switzerland and is governed by Article 60 and following Articles of the Swiss Civil Code and by the present Constitution.