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The Eurographics Association acknowledges the contribution of former Members, Honorary Members and Fellows to computer graphics and to the Association. This page contains links to obituaries for all the members we have received.

We are happy to receive obituaries of former members for inclusion on this page, preferably in the form of pdf or html documents that we can host on the Eurographics web server. A photograph would also be appreciated, if available, together with year of birth and year of death where appropriate. Please send to
David Duce and Werner Purgathofer (Curators)

Nigel John 1963-2023

Bodo Urban 1953-2022

Richard Guedj 1934-2022

Joachim Rix 1954-2022

Wilhelm Barth 1931-2021

Umberto Cugini 1941-2021

Tosiyasu L. Kunii 1938-2020

  Jaroslav Křivánek 1976-2019

Christof Riepl 1940-2018

 Stanislav V. Klimenko 1941-2018

  David Arnold 1951-2016

  Robert Tobler 1968-2016

  Steve Cunningham 1942-2015

  Wolfgang Strasser 1941-2015

  Carl Machover 1927 – 2012

  Dirk Bartz 1967-2010

  Richard Grimsdale 1929-2005

  Jürgen Schönhut † 2005

Carla Vandoni † 2000

  Günter Enderle 1945-1987