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Information for EG Event Organizers

This page provides information for actual and future EG event organizers concerning the procedure of approval and execution of an EG event. To request support with organising an EG event, please get in touch with us:

EG events

EG are normally organized by other institutions on behalf of EG.  Hence, EG events range from small workshops over medium sized symposia to conferences, and the  EG event series have a long tradition in the graphics community. Proceedings are produced and published by EG in its Digital Library, and for some EG event series as special issue of EG’s journal “Computer Graphics Forum”.

In order to organise an EG event, organizers have to submit an EG Technical Meeting Request Form (TMRF) electronically via the EG Event Management Platform.

There are two main type of EG events:

  1. Standard EG events. These events are held by EG and are organized by other institutions for EG. For these events a standard TMRF has to be submitted, along with a budget and call for papers.
  2. Events co-sponsored by ACM SIGGRAPH. For those events an ACM co-sponsoring TMRF has to be submitted to ACM. Furthermore, a short EG-SIGGRAPH co-sponsoring TMRF which asks for additional information has to be submitted.

For all questions about the event organisation, please contact and contact for publishing information.

Organisation of EG Events

Information about the procedure and the services offered by EG are described in the EG Workshops and Symposia Handbook. Important EG services are publishing, the paper submission and reviewing system, SRM, and the EG Conference Package including an electronic payment and registration service.

Proposing New EG Events

Propositions from members of the community for new events are welcome, and they may be directed to the Chair of the EG Workshops, Symposia and Working Group Board at

EG Working Groups

Event series, but also single events, are assigned to EG Working Groups. A major task of the EG Working Groups is to give continuity to the event series, but also establish new EG events.

The organizers of EG events are usually chosen by EG Working Groups or steering committees associated with an EG event.

Best Practices for Organisers

We are constantly collecting best practices and support for the organisation of online and hybrid events in order to support organisers. These are made available via: (you will need to sign in with your EG member details).