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The General Assembly of the Association has a meeting once a year, usually during the annual conference. The documents related to the last General Assembly are always available on-line and, when produced, the input documents for the upcoming Assembly meeting are also published on our web site. All these documents are public.

The highest authoritative body of the Association is the Executive Committee, whose members are elected by the Association members for a term of 3 years. Members of the Executive Committee do their work on a voluntary basis; the Committee usually meets twice a year, and uses the Internet for further discussions between two meetings. You can find the members of the Executive Committee later on this page. The Executive Committee also elects “Fellows of the Association”, that are announced at the annual General Assembly.

Between Executive Committee meetings, Eurographics activities are supervised by different Boards.The Executive Board consists of the chairpersons of these Boards, of the Chairperson and the vice-chairpersons of the Association, the secretary and the treasurer. Do not hesitate to contact any of these persons if you have any question concerning the Association.


Elected Members serving until 31st of December, 2024

Elected Members serving until 31st of December, 2025

Elected Members serving until 31st of December, 2026


Vice President

Annual Event Chairs

Chief Editors of Computer Graphics Forum

Chairpersons of Local Chapters

Secretary / Assistant Secretary

Treasurer / Assistant Treasurer

On-line information/ Promotion officer

Immediate Past Chairperson of the Association

Publication Board Chair / Deputy Chair

Professional Board Chair

Workshop Board Chair

Education Board Chair

Conference Steering Committee Chair

Conference Monitoring Officers


The Executive Board (EXB)