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The Distinguished Career Award


The Distinguished Career award is given every other year to a professional in computer graphics who has made outstanding technical contributions to the field and has shaped computer graphics in Europe, e.g., by building an internationally leading group, by creating a school of young researchers, by establishing the field in a certain country, or by advancing the field within a certain research organization.


2024 George Drettakis
2022 Marie-Paule Cani
2020 Daniel Cohen-Or
2018 Markus Gross
2016 Thomas Ertl
2014 Roberto Scopigno
2012 Hans-Peter Seidel
2010 Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann and Daniel Thalmann
2008 Pere Brunet
2006 Werner Purgathofer
2004 Claude Puech

Nominations: EG Members and any member of the graphics research community may nominate individuals for the award by using the following online form
For questions regarding the awards program, please contact the Awards Chair Christian Theobalt using the following Email address:
Nominations for the 2024 technical awards shall be sent in by October 20th 2023.