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Workshops Board and Working groups

The Workshops Board oversees and supports the organisation of EG workshops and symposia. For more information on how to organise an event, including the process for EG approval of working groups and events, please access Information for EG Event Organisers.

To request support with organising an EG event, please get in touch with us:

Composition of the Workshops Board

Working Groups

Working Groups are also Steering Committees of an event (workshop, symposium, conference) assigned to each of them. The list of Eurographics Working Groups, and their contact persons, is as follows.


EG Working Groups WG chairs e-mail address
Animation and Simulation

Tamar Shinar

Christopher Batty

Data Visualization (EuroVis) Silvia Miksch

EXPRESSIVE (SBIM, CAe) Joaquim Jorge
Geometry Processing and Geometric Modeling Leif Kobbelt
Graphics and Cultural Heritage Karina Rodriguez Dieter Fellner
High-Performance Graphics Elmar Eisemann

Intelligent Cinematography and Editing (WICED) Remi Ronfard
Marc Christie
Parallel Graphics

Steffen Frey

Rendering George Drettakis
Virtual Environments Gabriel Zachmann
Visual Computing for Biology and Medicine

Helwig Hauser

3D Object Retrieval (3-DOR) Ioannis Pratikakis Michela Spagnuolo