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Other EG awards

Another annual award given at the annual conference is the Günter Enderle Best Paper Award (plus a few runner ups). The committee for this award is normally kept secret, so that speakers will not realize when several committee members are present at their talk. The chairs for this award committee are nominated extra for every year, and so are the members. Although they really have a hard job, their names are only mentioned at the closing session of the conference. Some recent award chairs have been:

2004 Jarek Rossignac
2005 Holly Rushmeier
2006 Roberto Scopigno
2008 Min Chen
2009 Tom Ertl
2010 Dani Cohen-Or
2011 László Szirmay-Kalos
2012 Oliver Deussen
2013 Joaquim Jorge
2014 Sylvain Lefebvre
2015 Marc Alexa
2016 Michael Wimmer
2017 Pierre Alliez
2018 Tamy Boubekeur
2019 Marco Tarini
2020 Marco Tarini

The Dirk Bartz Prize for Visual Computing in Medicine is the renamed former Medical Prize of Eurographics, after the tragical death of Dirk Bartz in March 2010. It is given every odd year to a person or group who have installed a valuable visual computing installation in medicine. The current chair of the award is Hans-Christian Hege.

The John Lansdown Award was a multimedia prize until 2007.