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Eurographics Young Researcher Award


The Young Researcher Award is given each year to two young researchers in the field who have already made a significant contribution. The intent of this award is to recognize people early on in their career who have already made a notable contribution and are likely to make more.


2021 Adrián Jarabo, Tobias Günther
2020 Marcel Campen, Duygu Ceylan
2019 Benjamin Bach, Matthias Niessner
2018 Thabo Beeler, Sofien Bouaziz
2017 Alec Jacobson, Belen Masia
2016 David Bommes, Wenzel Jakob
2015 Daniele Panozzo, Chris Wojtan
2014 Maks Ovsjanikov, Tobias Ritschel
2013 Wojciech Jarosz, Johannes Kopf
2012 Alexander Hornung, Andrei Sharf
2011 Stefan Bruckner, Elmar Eisemann
2010 Anat Levin, Sylvain Lefebvre
2009 Yaron Lipman, Christian Theobalt
2008 Michael Goesele, Olga Sorkine
2007 Mario Botsch, Jan Kautz
2006 Mark Pauly, Marco Tarini
2005 Pierre Alliez, Hendrik Lensch
2004 Paolo Cignoni, Frédo Durand