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Eurographics, the European Association for Computer Graphics, helps professionals, scholars and students to excel in their work and careers in Computer Graphics and Interactive Digital Media.

Eurographics is a professional Computer Graphics association.

As a non-profit organization, EG devotes its efforts to providing useful resources and services for members.

To become a member of the Eurographics Association in any of the membership categories: individual, student, organisational, and to claim discounts offered to members of ACM SIGGRAPH and affiliated societies, please fill in the membership application form.

Please read our membership terms and coditions.


If you are a researcher, educator, student or professional in Computer Graphics or its many related fields, the Association offeres unique opportunities to improving your skills and knowledge and staying abreast of the latest technical developments, through its established and highly-regarded series of conferences, tutorials, workshops and publications.

While most EG events and services are available to everyone, as a member you will enjoy preferential, timely and discounted access to the association’s resources. Members are also entitled to substantially reduced fees on our publications, workshop and conference registration as well as the services of many prestigious associations affiliated to EG.

Being a member provides you with the opportunity to interact with some of the best known and highly respected professionals in the field, either through specialized Working Groups or within the National Chapters of the Association.

Our publications such as Computer Graphics Forum, Book Series and EG proceedings, workshop reports and tutorials provide you, as a member, with the vehicle both to publish your results and become acquainted with the latest advancements in this ever expanding and exciting area.

As a member, you are entitled to unlimited free access to most EG Online services, including access to the Digital Library and Computer Graphics Forum.

Special discounts are available for employees of Organisational Members of Eurographics, members of Affiliated Societies, students and retired persons.


Eurographics provides most of its services in digital form and makes the advantages of electronic publication available to members. The Digital Library offers full text versions of Computer Graphics Forum, as well as multimedia materials (Video clips, Interactive media and datasets) not available in the paper version.



Organisations can make the benefits of Eurographics membership available to all their staff in a cost-effective manner. This type of membership includes a subscription to the journal Computer Graphics Forum, full access to the Digital Library and considerable discounts on attendance at Eurographics events. And on top of that: employees of Organisational Members are entitled to a discount of up to 50% on personal membership fees!

(See the list of Eurographics Organizational Members.)


Eurographics is especially keen on helping students with opportunities to become involved and do exciting research. You can help us as a volunteer in many of the events run by the association.

Some national chapters offer discounts to students attending local events.

Eurographics Student Membership is open to undergraduate and graduate students who are enrolled in at least 50% of a normal, full-time academic course of study in a field that is using computer graphics or related technology. Student Members, upon graduation and not continuing to higher degree studies, shall be invited to apply for Ordinary Member status. Students should arrange for their Head of Department or Course Tutor to sign the declaration that they satisfy the above requirements, and should return this together with the following information:

  • Name of School/University
  • Year in School [or equivalent]
  • Expected Month of Graduation
  • Expected Year of Graduation
  • My degree will be in the following area:
  • Expected Degree [or equivalent]:



National Chapters of Eurographics have been set up in some European countries. These chapters organise their own additional programme of events for EG members in those countries, usually held in the language of the host country – in contrast to other Eurographics events where English is the adopted language. Have a look at their activities.

Eurographics has set up a series of Affiliation agreements with other organisations, offering reciprocal discounts on memberships fees, events, or publications. Affiliation agreements are in place for individual members of:


A liaison agreement also exists with ACM SIGGRAPH .