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Günter Enderle Best Paper Award

The Günter Enderle Best Paper Award (plus a few runner ups) is the annual award given to the best paper of the annual conference of Eurographics. The committee for this award is normally kept secret, so that short-listed speakers will not realize when several committee members are present at their talk. The chairs for this award committee are nominated extra for every year, and so are the members. Although they really have a hard job, their names are only mentioned at the closing session of the conference. Award chairs since 2004 have been:

2004 Jarek Rossignac
2005 Holly Rushmeier
2006 Roberto Scopigno
2007 Min Chen
2008 Werner Purgathofer
2009 Tom Ertl
2010 Dani Cohen-Or
2011 László Szirmay-Kalos
2012 Oliver Deussen
2013 Joaquim Jorge
2014 Sylvain Lefebvre
2015 Marc Alexa
2016 Michael Wimmer
2017 Pierre Alliez
2018 Tamy Boubekeur
2019 Marco Tarini
2020 Marco Tarini
2021 Eduard Gröller

You can find all winners in the Eurographics Digital Library. The most recent award winners were:

2021 Günter Enderle Award
Jingwei Tang, Vinicius Azevedo, Guillaume Cordonnier, Barbara Solenthaler:
“Honey, I Shrunk the Domain: Frequency-aware Force Field Reduction for Efficient Fluids Optimization”
2021 Honorable Mentions
Meng Zhang, Tuanfeng Wang, Duygu Ceylan, Niloy Mitra:
“Deep Detail Enhancement for Any Garment”
Janis Born, Patrick Schmidt, Leif Kobbelt:
“Layout Embedding via Combinatorial Optimization”
Damien Rohmer, Marco Tarini, Niranjan Kalyanasundaram, Faezeh Moshfeghifar, Marie-Paule Cani, Victor Zordan:
“Velocity Skinning for Real-time Stylized Skeletal Animation

2020 Günter Enderle Award
Fritz Lekschas, Brant Peterson, Daniel Haehn, Eric Ma, Nils Gehlenborg, Hanspeter Pfister:
“Peax: Interactive Visual Pattern Search in Sequential Data Using Unsupervised Deep Representation Learning”
2020 Honorable Mentions
Nemanja Bartolovic, Markus Gross, Tobias Günther:
“Phase Space Projection of Dynamical Systems”
Darius Coelho, Klaus Mueller:
“Infomages: Embedding Data into Thematic Images”
Alireza Amiraghdam, Alexandra Diehl, Renato Pajarola:
“LOCALIS: Locally-adaptive Line Simplification for GPU-based Geographic Vector Data Visualization”

2019 Günter Enderle Award
Pascal Bérard, Derek Bradley, Markus Gross, Thabo Beeler:
“Practical Person-Specific Eye Rigging”
2019 Honorable Mentions
Lawson Fulton, Vismay Modi, David Duvenaud, David I. W. Levin, Alec Jacobson:
“Latent-space Dynamics for Reduced Deformable Simulation”
He Wang, Sören Pirk, Ersin Yumer, Vladimir G. Kim, Ozan Sener, Srinath Sridhar, Leonidas J. Guibas:
“Learning a Generative Model for Multi-Step Human-Object Interactions from Videos”