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Eurographics Medal 2017: David Duce

Eurographics is very pleased to award the Eurographics Medal 2017 to Professor Emeritus David Duce for his outstanding leadership in building the Eurographics Association and for his pioneering contributions to the development of Computer Graphics in Europe.

Up to his retirement, Prof. Duce has been a professor of computer science at Oxford brooks university, where he educated generations of students in computer graphics. He research included data visualization, web technologies, information management, and interactive systems.

Over multiple decades, Prof. Duce has provided an outstanding service to the Association in many different roles. He has been a past secretary and president of Eurographics, he has been a long term member of the executive committee and board, he chaired the Eurographics fellows, and he took up the challenging task of being the treasurer of the Association.

Through his stewardship, experience, and institutional knowledge, Prof. Duce has helped many of us to step up into leading roles within the organization and he guaranteed continuity in the management of the Association.

Without him, Eurographics would not stand as strong as it does and we all owe him a lot.

Please join us in congratulating David for his outstanding services to the Association and to the Eurographics medal 2017.