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Eurographics Medal 2019: Bianca Falcidieno

Eurographics is very pleased to award the Eurographics Medal 2019 to Dr. Bianca Falcidieno for her outstanding scientific contributions to computer graphics and shape modeling, for her role in developing the Genova research environment, and for her leadership in shape modeling.

Bianca Falcidieno is a former Research Director at the Institute of Applied Mathematics and Information Technologies of the National Research Council of Italy (CNR-IMATI), and she was the chair of the CNR Research Area of Genova (2009-2013). Her research focuses on shape modeling, computer graphics, computational mathematics, and knowledge representation. She has firmly established Genova as an internationally leading research center in these topics, strongly interacting with industrial and social application fields: from industrial design and manufacturing to geographic information systems, from multimedia to cultural heritage.

In her career, she coordinated several international projects and the CNR participation to many national research initiatives. As the coordinator of the European project AIM@SHAPE, she pioneered the development of semantics-driven approaches for representing 3D shapes, based on coupling knowledge technologies with geometric representations in this area. She was in charge of various international commitments, including editorial tasks (she served on the editorial boards of five professional journals), the organization of several international conferences and workshops as the chair or co-chair, and participation to international program committees. Bianca has also been a gifted mentor, and several of her former students and postdocs have meanwhile become internationally established researchers of their own.

Together with Prof. Kunii, she was the co-founder and the editor in chief of the Shape Modeling International Journal and she created the Shape Modeling International annual conference series. Bianca Falcidieno has authored over 250 peer-reviewed scientific publications, her work has been published extensively in the leading journals of the field.

Bianca is a Eurographics Fellow, a  Pioneer of the Solid Modeling association and, for the 80th CNR anniversary, she was included in the 12 top-level female researchers in the history of CNR.

Please join us in congratulating Bianca for an outstanding career in computer graphics and to the Eurographics Medal 2019.