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Eurographics Medal 2024: Daniel Cohen-Or

Portrait of Daniel Cohen-Or

Eurographics is very pleased to award the Eurographics Medal 2024 to Daniel Cohen-Or for his outstanding scientific contributions, for his mentorship of young researchers, and for his leadership in shaping the field of computer graphics in Europe and beyond.

Daniel Cohen-Or is a Professor in the Department of Computer Science at Tel Aviv University, and the Isaias Nizri Chair in Visual Computing. He received a B.Sc. cum laude in both Mathematics and Computer Science (1985), a M.Sc. cum laude in Computer Science (1986) from Ben-Gurion University, and a Ph.D. from the Department of Computer Science (1991) at State University of New York at Stony Brook.

Daniel’s research interests are in Computer Graphics, Visual Computing and Geometric Modeling, and, most recently, in Generative Models. He has made several seminal contributions to the field, and his work stands out both for his unmatched creativity in picking the right problems and the simplicity of the proposed solutions — both rooted in his deep understanding of the field at large. 

Daniel Cohen-Or is a recognized scientific leader. He has created an outstanding research group at Tel Aviv University, and many of his former students and collaborators have gone on to establish world-leading research groups of their own. He has been a dedicated mentor, and he has demonstrated strong leadership in computer graphics research in Europe and beyond. He was involved with numerous Eurographics events, and he served on the Eurographics Executive Committee for several years. Danny’s contributions have been prominently recognized by the community, and he has been highly decorated with the Eurographics Outstanding Technical Contributions Award (2005), a Eurographics Fellowship (2010), the People’s Republic of China Friendship Award (2012), the ACM SIGGRAPH Computer Graphics Achievement Award (2018), the Kadar Family Award for Outstanding Research (2019), the Eurographics Distinguished Career Award (2020), and an ACM Fellowship (2021).

Please join us in congratulating Daniel for an outstanding career in computer graphics and to the Eurographics Medal 2024.