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Outstanding Technical Contributions Award 2005 – Daniel Cohen-Or

Daniel Cohen-Or is the recipient of the 2005 Eurographics “Outstanding Technical Contributions Award”, for his extensive contributions to several important areas of Computer Graphics, including volume graphics, visualization of large environments, shape modeling and image and surface manipulation.

After a masters of Computer Science in Israel, Daniel Cohen-Or obtained his PhD from the State University of New York in Stony Brook (USA) in 1991. After returning to Israel in 1992 as a lecturer at Ben-Gurion University, he accepted a faculty position at Tel Aviv University in 1995 where he is now a full professor of computer science.

Daniel Cohen-Or’s first research interest was in volume graphics, and he was among the key contributors to this then-emerging technology. During the 1990s he developed a number of innovative algorithms for the display of large virtual environments: this then led him to several highly significant contributions in 3D visibility (EG’98,SIG’03), and encoding techniques for 3D geometry and textures (EG’97, IEEE Vis’99, SIG’99).

More recently, he further expanded the scope of his work and together with his students also made fundamental contributions to morphing and 3D shape manipulation. Of particular importance in this context are his papers on metamorphosis [ACM TOGÂ’98, SIG’00], his work on point set surfaces [IEEE TVCG’03, ACM TOG’03], and his work on mesh processing (mesh denoising [SIG’03, SIG’05], surface completion [SIG’04], parametrization [IEEE Vis’02], differential surface editing [SGP’04, SIG’05]).

Daniel Cohen-Or’s numerous publications in the most prestigious venues have earned him the respect of the Computer Graphics academic community. He serves in the editorial boards of leading scientific journals, and has chaired several of the best conferences worldwide.

The breadth of his contributions over time, and his ability to always position his work at the best international level, testify to his sense for emerging scientific directions as well as his excellent advising capacity. Eurographics is extremely pleased to recognize Daniel Cohen-Or’s talent by presenting him with the 2005 Outstanding Technical Contributions Award.