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Outstanding Technical Contributions Award 2024 – Anat Levin

Anat Levin receives the EUROGRAPHICS Outstanding Technical Contributions Award 2024.

Anat received her PhD in Computer Science from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 2006, and was a postdoctoral researcher at MIT. She was a professor at the Weizmann Institute of Science and is now a professor at the Technion. For her research, Anat received numerous honors, including two ERC Starting Grants and an ERC Consolidator Grant.

Anat Levin made groundbreaking contributions to computational photography and imaging, and has recently presented very innovative new ways to utilize principles from optics and computer graphics light transport simulation for real world physical measurements, in particular, for imaging deep inside scattering tissue. Her seminal works build essential mathematical foundations in these areas. The following are examples from her work. 

Anat is well known for her work on colorization of grayscale images, matting, and deblurring. Her works in this domain are widely cited and considered seminal papers in the field. Further on, Anat has contributed groundbreaking works in the area of coded aperture imaging where she showed how unconventional optics and computational optimization enable the extraction of previously unattainable information from a single image.

More recently, she has continued to explore how concepts from computer graphics, and computational imaging open up groundbreaking new possibilities in other areas of science and technology, beyond visual computing. For instance, her recent works at the intersection of optics and computational imaging have enabled entirely new ways of material measurement, for instance to image low SNR biological targets deep inside scattering tissue and correcting severe aberrations. These works also lay the foundations for new types of displays. 

Anat Levin has published highly cited works in the top tier conferences and journals of computer graphics and computer vision. Due to the interdisciplinary nature of her research, her works are equally widely recognized in top tier publication venues of physics and optics. 

EUROGRAPHICS is extremely pleased to recognize Anat Levin with the 2024 Outstanding Technical Contributions Award.