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Young Researcher Award 2009 – Yaron Lipman

Yaron Lipman is awarded the 2009 Eurographics “Young Researcher Award”, in recognition of his outstanding contributions to geometric modeling and processing for computer graphics.

Yaron Lipman completed his PhD at Tel-Aviv University in 2008. In his dissertation titled “On representation, deformation and approximation of discrete surface”, Yaron contributed numerous excellent pieces of work that have already made a most significant impact in the field of geometric modeling. Then Yaron joined Princeton University as a joint post doc in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, working with Thomas Funkhouser and Ingrid Daubechies.

Yaron’s research focuses on questions related to 3D geometry. He worked on algorithms for representing meshes using their differential geometric properties. This led to intuitive algorithms for deformation, interpolation and morphing. One notable example is his work about rotation invariant mesh representations with a linear reconstruction scheme. Yaron has also focused on volumetric representation for deformations. He introduced Green coordinates which essentially provide closed-form solutions to intuitive shape-preserving space deformations.

Finally, some of his work focuses on the approximation of surfaces from discrete samplings, analyzing and improving projection methods like moving least squares and introducing new ones like his L1 projection method for point clouds.

Yaron’s contributions are always characterized by a profound mathematical background. But on top of offering distinct solutions to new problems, he has also contributed towards making complex tools become useful and popular.

Eurographics is very pleased to recognize him with the 2009 Young Researcher Award, and to compliment him on his successful early career.