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New Fellows 2000

Dieter Fellner

Within the Eurographics Association, Dieter became seriously involved in September 1994 when he accepted the position of Assistant Treasurer. He was immediately recognised as a “rising star”, he became Vice Chairman in January 1996 and Chairman in January 1999. Under his chairmanship, the Association has made a firm commitment to electronic infrastructure to support the operation of the Association and dissemination of information. The Association’s web site has matured considerably, and much infrastructure has been installed to smooth various operational processes. From the point of view of members, the most visible contribution is the Eurographics Digital Library. This project, is of course, a team achievement, but Dieter has personally provided much of the impetus and vision to make this happen.

Dieter Fellner was proposed for Fellowship of the Association in recognition of:

  • his scientific contributions to the development of computer graphics, electronic publishing and digital libraries in Europe;
  • his contributions to Eurographics through his roles as Assistant Treasurer, Vice Chairman and Chairman;
  • his contributions to Eurographics through promoting the development of web site to support workflow and the development of the Eurographics Digital Library and all things to do with electronic publication within the Association.

Jarek Rossignac

Jarek Rossignac is Professor in the College of Computing at the Georgia Institute of Technology and the Director of the Graphics, Visualization, and Usability (GVU) Center, which involves 50 faculty and 14 scientists, who explore computing and communication principles and technologies that make humans, communities, and organizations more effective. His current research is focused on the design, compression, progressive transmission, and interactive inspection of complex 3D models. For example, the MPEG-4 standard for 3D compression is based on the Topological Surgery technique that he co-invented and patented at IBM, where, until 1996, he was Senior Manager and Strategist for Visualization, managing various research groups and IBM’s Data Explorer and 3D Interaction Accelerator products. At Georgia Tech, he has formed a world-leading group in 3D compression and has received the Sigma Xi Award for the Best Paper published by Georgia Tech faculty in 1999. His work is supported by an NSF grant. He has authored 78 technical papers and 17 patents, for which he has received 7 Best Paper and 5 Invention Awards. He has chaired 16 conferences, workshops, and technical program committees. He has served on the Editorial Boards of 6 journals, on 44 technical Program Committees of international conferences and workshops, on 5 NSF panels, and on 10 internal and 8 external PhD committees. He has Guest-Edited 8 special issues of professional journals and has given 14 keynote or invited lectures. He holds a PhD in E.E. from the University of Rochester, New York. He received a Diplôme d’Ingenieur from the ENSEM and a Maitrise in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Nancy in France. Within Eurographics, Jarek Rossignac has been attending the Eurographics conference and workshops since 1986. His involvement with the Eurographics Association and Conferences includes:

  • Elected Member of the Eurographics Executive Committee from 1993 to 1999
  • Co-chair of the Technical Program Committee for Eurographics’ 96
  • Keynote speaker at Eurographics’97
  • Co-chair of the Eurographics 1994Workshop on Graphics Hardware in Oslo
  • Chair of the Eurographics’97 Best Technical Paper Award Jury
  • Co-chair of the State of The Art Reports for Eurographics 1999
  • Member of 13 Eurographics Program Committees: Eurographics Workshops on Graphics Hardware in 89, 90, 91, 92 and 93; Eurographics Conferences in 91, 93, 94, 95, 97, 98, 99, 2000
  • Recipient of 2 Best paper awards at Eurographics conferences: EG92, EG94
  • Co-author of 4 papers at Eurographics conferences (92, two in 94, 96)
  • Co-author of 6 Papers published in Eurographics Workshops Proceedings
  • Author of 4 Eurographics Tutorials:
    • Eurographics’86: “Solid Modeling”, A. Requicha and J. Rossignac
    • Eurographics’93: “Representation, Design, and Visualization of Solid and of Geometric Structures”, J. Rossignac
    • Eurographics’97: “Simplification and Compression of 3D Scenes”, J. Rossignac
    • Eurographics 2000: “Shape complexity and compression”, J. Rossignac

Jarek does much to promote Computer Graphics in the USA. Many researchers from IBM research, Georgia Tech and other US Universities have known Eurographics through him. Some of them have been co-authors of technical contributions to Eurographics Conferences and workshops with Jarek, and many of them have attended the events.

Rossignac was proposed for Fellowship of the Association in recognition of:

  • his personal contributions to solid modelling and to the compression, progressive transmission and interactive inspection of complex 3D models;
  • his efforts to improve computer graphics and geometric modelling in the USA;
  • his support of EG for more than 14 years.