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New Fellows 2004

Andy Day
Andy Day began research in 1985 with the Computational Geometry Group at the University of East Anglia on the serial and parallel implementation of geometric algorithms. His early work concentrated on the problems of degeneracy in geometric algorithms for convex hulls and Voronoi diagrams. He has also worked on scientific visualisation of environmental data with researchers from the School of Environmental Sciences at UEA.
He has researched parallel high performance image synthesis using ray tracing techniques and fast methods of space partitioning using BSP trees and pre-processing for interactive walkthroughs. He was co-investigator with Professor D B. Arnold on the EC funded project CEC/TFPL ETHOS (European Telematics Horizontal Observatory Service) in 1999, to identify, demonstrate, and evaluate Generic Technologies for Virtual Environments. He was also co-investigator with Arnold on the EC funded CHARISMATIC project (Cultural Heritage Attractions featuring Interactive Scenes and Multi-function Avatars as Theatrical Intelligent Characters), F ramework 5, 2000 to 2002. On this project the UEA group researched rapid urban modeling using procedural methods and rendering acceleration techniques for populated urban scenes. He was principal investigator on the EPSRC funded Rapid World Modeling project (2000 to 2003) which focused on modeling the planet earth using compression techniques and the automatic modeling of urban environments.

He has been involved with research into haptic rendering and virtual environments since 2001 and his recent work with Laycock on deformable tools, such as bending rods, is ground breaking and has important applications in medical training (such a steerable catheter simulation), engineering and virtual prototyping.

He has been doing a tremendous job over the past years in representing the association at ACM SIGGRAPH conferences being the Eurographics contact person for the SIGGRAPH public and responsible for the logistics of the stand.

He has also made a significant contribution to the EUROGRAPHICS UK Chapter annual event, in an organizational role for the conferences held in Norwich and as a contributor. His students have won a number of best paper awards at the conference.

Andy Day was proposed for Fellowship of the Association in recognition of: his international scientific standing and contributions to the development of computer graphics; his contributions to EUROGRAPHICS his role as SIGGRAPH stand organizer, and his support of the UK Chapter.
Xavier Pueyo
After completing his studies of industrial engineering at the Polytechnical University of Catalunia (UPC) in Barcelona, Xavier Pueyo started his career with a Docteur IngĂ©nieur from the Unversity of Rennes in France, under the supervision of Professor Michel Lucas in 1984. Two years later he achieved a “Doctor Enginyer Industrial” from the University of Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain, under the supervision of Professor Michel Lucas and Professor Pere Brunet. From there he joined the UPC as Associate Professor, and in 1993 he became a full professor at the University of Girona, Spain. Since then he has continuously been very active in research (realistic rendering, radiosity, etc.), and building up and managing a successful research group (Girona Graphics Group). Besides that he has been the director of the Engineering School at Girona University. He has authored and co-authored a huge number of publications, and supervised many projects and PhD students.

Within Eurographics, Xavier has been a member since the 1980s. He has been very active in setting up the Spanish Chapter, and he helped a lot with Eurographics’93 in Barcelona. But more than all that he was the main initiator of the Rendering Workshops, the most successful workshops series of Eurographics. He attended all but one of these workshops so far, and was one of the chief coordinators of the series, giving his experience to local organizers. As chair of the rendering working group for many years he laid the foundations for this story of success.

Xavier Pueyo was proposed for Fellowship of the Association in recognition of: His personal contribution to Radiosity and Realistic Rendering. His efforts to create the Rendering Workshops, and his active role in their continuation. His support of EG for more than 15 years.