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Eurographics Awards Programme

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On the occasion of its 25th anniversary, Eurographics decided to establish the Eurographics Awards Programme. The goal of the programme is to recognize, highlight, and promote computer graphics research in Europe. Extended in 2011, Eurographics currently presents four awards: The Distinguished Career Award, the Outstanding Technical Contributions Award, the Young Researcher Award and the PhD Award.

The Eurographics Awards Programme recognizes individuals who have significantly advanced the field of computer graphics. Each year, the awards are presented at the opening ceremony of the annual Eurographics conference, and winners receive a special award trophy, specifically designed for this occasion by Carlo Sequin. Details on the design and manufacture of the Eurographics award trophy can be found in this presentation (courtesy Markus Gross).

Upon creation of its Awards Programme, Eurographics selected Hans-Peter Seidel (Germany) as its founding chair. The founding members of the awards committee became Pere Brunet (Spain), Markus Gross (Switzerland), Roberto Scopigno (Italy), Hans-Peter Seidel (Germany), and Francois Sillion (France). All founding members have meanwhile left the committee. Committee membership in the awards committee is on a rotating basis with an average term of five years. The two past Committee Chairs have been Hans-Peter Seidel and George Drettakis. The current chair of the awards committee is Pere Brunet (Spain).

Nominations: Members and any member of the graphics research community may nominate individuals for the three award categories by contacting the awards chair, Pere Brunet.

The PhD-Award was created in 2011 and its first chairman was Pere Brunet. Three awards are granted every year for Computer Graphics PhD theses finalized or defended in Europe or a Eurographics country. The aim is to recognize good thesis work in Europe, to incentivize young researchers, and to offer them the opportunity to publish the state of the art section of their thesis as a STAR in the Computer Graphics Forum Journal.

Nominations: Individuals may be nominated for the award by contacting the PhD Thesis Awards chair, Paolo Cignoni. The required documentation includes the thesis, the available thesis reports, and a short CV of the candidate.

The Eurographics Gold Medal is a premier award made to individuals who have made exceptional contributions to the goals of Eurographics. These contributions can be in the form of outstanding and ground breaking research efforts in the Eurographics domains, or other major contributions to the activities supported by the association such as educational efforts, or the organization and function of the association. The first medal was given to José L. Encarnação in 2016