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Young Researcher Award 2022 – Angela Dai

Angela Dai receives the EUROGRAPHICS Young Researcher Award 2022. Angela obtained her Bachelor degree from Princeton University, and a PhD in Computer Science from Stanford University, where she was advised by Pat Hanrahan. She is now an Assistant Professor at the Technical University of Munich where she leads the 3D AI lab.

Angela has done methodically deep and widely recognized work at the intersection of computer graphics, computer vision and machine learning. She is known for her cutting-edge research on capturing and reconstructing high-quality and semantically informed models of the 3D world from sensor data. As an example, she has done pioneering work on 3D scene reconstruction from handheld RGB-D cameras, an example being the widely used and widely cited BundleFusion algorithm. She has also done pioneering work in the area of semantic scene understanding, where she not only proposed very original new algorithms but also contributed widely used reference datasets to the community (ScanNet). Angela Dai’s work is significantly advancing a striving field of research at the intersection of computer graphics, computer vision and artificial intelligence. Her work contributes to better ways to reconstruct and semantically understand, and synthesize models of the real world. It is not only of great relevance to computer graphics and AR/VR but is also paramount for the design of intelligent systems that need to understand the world they interact with.

The work of Angela Dai is published in the top tier conferences and journals of computer graphics and computer vision, and has been widely cited.

EUROGRAPHICS is pleased to recognize Angela Dai with the 2022 Young Researcher Award.