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Election Results: Elections held in 2019

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A total of 214 votes were cast, all through the electronic ballot system. (Last year 180, previous year 177.) There was ONE regional vacancy in region 6 in the 2019 elections. The candidate with the highest numbers of votes in each of these regions is elected, together with the six remaining candidates with the highest numbers of votes.

Candidate Region Votes
 Viola, Ivan 6 75 Elected (Region 6)
 Seidel, Hans-Peter 2 118 Elected
 Ynnerman, Anders 1 106 Elected
 Coquillart, Sabine 3 91 Elected
 Augsdörfer, Ursula 5 88 Elected
 Stamminger, Marc 2 88 Elected
 Weyrich, Tim 1 85 Elected

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